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Added on Wednesday, 2012-12-19 19:42 CET in category Traveling
It's great having a home again, and we love living in Prague, but our home town it is not. We don't speak the language, and have little affinity to it as such.

Fortunately, because I work remotely, I can work from wherever I want. (And so can my wife, to a certain extent.) These last four months since we moved I'll have been in the Netherlands twice, and in Moscow twice. The Netherlands, because it's my home country, and I simply like being there every once in a while; and Moscow, because it's my work country, and I also simply like being there every once in a while :)

(Another reason I regularly go to Moscow, is simply because it's nicer to work from the office. Direct communication is so much easier than chat/Skype/phone/whatever, and this way I won't slowly fade from my colleagues' memory :P)

Hopefully next year I'll be able to travel to some other countries as well, to work a bit from there, and enjoy myself a bit from there :)

Sort of half living in several countries is quite interesting. You'll have several bank accounts (because it's handy, not because it's fancy) and of course several SIM cards. (One of the latter I changed recently, I got so extremely fed up with Simyo I decided to launch a Simyo Sucks site and switch to *bliep.) You also speak different languages all the time, and have friends who are themselves from all over the world.

Some day I may return to the Netherlands, but whereas once I was 100% a Dutchman, by then I'll probably be 100% a world citizen :)