Blog - Traffic accident

Added on Saturday, 2010-01-16 20:00 CET in category Moscow
And the inevitable has happened: today I was involved in a, albeit minor, traffic accident.

After finally getting through the 1km long line to the parking lot (not kidding, seriously 1km) some guy on the left lane decided he had to turn right first (the typical "me first!" mentality from my post about Moscow). And then things just didn't fit, and he scraped along the bumper.

So the guy gets out and has the guts to say "if you had stopped, I wouldn't have hit you!"…

In Russia, when you're involved in a traffic accident, protocol is to assess the damage, keep your vehicle put, and wait for the police. Doesn't matter if you're blocking the entire road, you stay put.

So we waited for the police, for about two hours. They also had to go through the 1km long line to the parking lot :P Luckily the guy admitted it was his fault, and after another hour of filling in paperwork, with which we can go to the insurance company, we could finally go shopping :)