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Added on Monday, 2010-02-22 20:00 CET in categories Moscow, Programming
After quitting my job as a web application developer in the Netherlands, I found it time to reflect on my career path, and figure out what I want from my next job. Web application development can be great fun (like creating my new site), but I want more than that now.

I took a look at the projects I'd been working on in my spare time, and at those parts of my previous job I really liked, and noticed a pattern: ADC. I.e., Algorithms, Data structures and Complexity. (This just happens to be a course during the Computer Science BSc curriculum at University of Twente ;)

So there I had it. I wanted a job that involved algorithms, processing data programmatically and of course mathematics.

(I've always been interested in mathematics. Did you know that if you assert i = √-1, you can deduce 1 = -1? See also Wikipedia. Oh, and 0.999… = 1 :P)

So where did I apply? Google of course :) They have a software engineer vacancy right here in Moscow. Fingers crossed :)