Blog - Refocusing my blog

Added on Tuesday, 2013-07-09 23:50 CEST in category Traveling
End of 2009 we moved to Moscow, a city where I'd been many times before. But mainly when I really started living there did I notice more and more interesting situations (both good and bad), so I decided to start writing this blog. Moscow is an incredibly interesting city, so I had plenty to write about. But all things come to an end: in 2012 we moved to Prague.

It's great to have a home again, but unfortunately Prague is nowhere near as interesting to me as Moscow, as you may have noticed from the low number of blog posts I've written since. (Don't get me wrong, it's nice here :), but interesting, not so much.)

Ever since we moved, though, we started traveling, a lot. I've therefore decided to refocus my blog: not on where I live, but on where I go :)

Already now you can read up on some past trips I've been on: London, Budapest, Slovenia/Croatia and Harz (Germany). But that won't be all, so stay tuned! :)