Blog - Permanent residence permit (2)

Added on Thursday, 2011-07-21 15:55 CEST in category Moscow
One day it took me. Just one day. My mom-in-law "reserved" a spot in the line for me in the very early morning, and a few hours later I actually managed to hand in all the documents for my application for my permanent residence permit! (This may be more surprising if you've read my previous posts on residence permits.)

Thanks to a thorough preparation I had all the documents I needed, and I only needed to correct the application form twice. But apparently that's pretty much standard :) There's one small thing I still have to do: bring new passport photographs. The ones I brought conformed to all the requirements, but I was told "they should be connected one to another, on one piece of paper". I mean, really?! What?! All in all though, I was very surprised it went so relatively well, now let's wait and see :)