Blog - Parallels interview

Added on Monday, 2010-06-07 17:35 CEST in categories Moscow, Programming
Last Friday I got an email from Parallels (known from a.o. Plesk), asking if I was interested in their Perl programmer vacancy, and if so, if I would complete a small test to see if I'm suitable. I've been looking for such a job for a while, so I completed the test, got a response within a few hours, and was invited to an interview today!

I had interviews with three people. The first person was from recruiting, with whom I talked about my previous job, studies and the way things work at Parallels. E.g., there're free lunches, drinks, fruit, very flexible working times and transport to and from the subway. Nice :)

The other two interviews with the tech lead and dev manager were more technical. Whereas at Google there was a lot of focus on complexity of algorithms, the questions I got today were more about knowledge of Perl, OO, SQL and Linux, as well as logical thinking. Things went rather well, though I do need some more experience with OO programming in Perl. A nice touch from the dev manager were some small riddles involving a lot of logical thinking, where the obvious answer is not always the right one.

I'll be hearing from the recruiter shortly, hopefully to be invited for the second interview :)