Blog - On a dairy farm in Russia

Added on Sunday, 2017-11-26 21:05 CET in category Moscow
My father-in-law has for a few years now been working on making dairy farms work more efficiently, and invited us over to come check out the farm. Before going to the farm itself, we were welcomed by the farmer at his house, where we had a very Russian lunch with borscht, salo, and of course fresh milk :) (See also Russian milk.)

Another very unusual thing I tried during lunch was a pinecone in sweet sauce. I never knew pinecones were edible :) If you ever come across one, do try it out, but don't be surprised if it tastes a bit like car freshener smells :P

After lunch we met the family's many animals: cats, hamsters, guinea pig, bunnies and geese.

Next we got a small tour around the milk processing factory, where the milk is pasteurized, and the cheeses lie to dry:

Milk machineDairy labelsCheeses drying
And last, but of course not least :), the cowshed!

Daughter with cowJust a cow