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Added on Thursday, 2011-07-07 21:28 CEST in category Moscow
So my bike got stolen… I used to park it in the hallway, to which only our neighbors and their guests have access; one of them then cut the cable and took off…

Since I use my bike to get to work I needed a replacement, and a proper one at that. I've always found derailleur gears clumsy and uncomfortable, so I insisted on getting a bike with a hub gear. This proved to be quite the adventure, because unlike in the Netherlands, hub gears are hardly used here. Most stores I went to didn't have them at all.

Eventually though, I bumped into the Giant Suede:

New bike

It not only has a hub gear, but also has front suspension, a chainguard and even a luggage carrier, just like back home ;)

After having ridden an old mountain bike with derailleur gears, this feels like such a breeze; I'll be enjoying my daily commute even more from now on :)