Blog - Harz (Germany)

Added on Monday, 2013-07-01 20:00 CEST in category Traveling
Every once in a while me and my friends from university go on a trip to somewhere. In 2009, when my wife and I got married, they all came along to Moscow:

't Gras is groen, maar onze stropdas is groener!

Two years later they went on a mountain biking trip to West Germany, which I unfortunately couldn't make it to… This year, though, I could :)

We chose a spot right in between the Netherlands and Prague, namely the Harz, which proved to be ideal for mountain biking:

Mountain biking (1)Mountain biking (2)

The weather was mainly rainy, though, so besides visiting Dora-Mittelbau, a former Nazi concentration camp, we mainly ate wurst, drank beer, and played some games :)

Dora-MittelbauWurst DixitCreationary

Especially the mountain biking, a first for me, was great fun. We climbed about 900 meters in total, and I set a new downhill personal record of ~70 km/h :D Hopefully with better weather next time we'll be able to go even faster, even longer, and enjoy ourselves even more :)