Blog - Darn you, total absence of cycling culture!

Added on Thursday, 2012-01-12 19:44 CET in category Moscow
So there I was, cycling in Moscow, minding my own business, when a group of pedestrians was blocking my way, as usual. So I ring my bell and ask
  • "May I?"
  • "No, you may not, sidewalks are for pedestrians, go on the main road."
  • "Seriously? I'd rather not die…"
    (I'm referring here to the fact that people in Moscow drive like maniacs, and everybody knows it. Not that anyone cares, but that's another story altogether. Also, especially in winter, I'm less visible and would rather not get sprayed with wet snow by every passing car.)
  • "We'd rather not die either."
    (I had already come to a full stop.)
  • "Ehm, death by bike?!"
Only then did they let me pass :(

I would love to make use of bicycle lanes, but alas, on my way to work there are none. However, Russia is in fact slowly developing a proper cycling culture, e.g.:
  • There are actually a number of bicycle lanes (sort of), which have been laid out last year (do check the photos ;)
  • Yandex has a bicycle parking (except in winter).
  • Some of my colleagues are actually commuting by bike in winter as well.
  • There are some initiatives, like Let's Bike It! to promote cycling in Moscow.
But still, we've got a long way to go, judging by this nostalgia-inducing promotional video from "back home"